Third Life

The Meeting

On the way to Nosara, Mika and Morcic realize they have no idea who the letter is for. Mika figures since Natira was a royal spy then the letter must be for the Queen.

Outside of Nosara they are attacked by a group of cloaked Drow. Their leader holds them in a magical choking death grip where they were unable to move. Eventually Mika broke free and they manage to kill everyone but the leader, who escapes.

When they got into the city no one wanted to admit them into the castle. Naturally, they decide to break in that night. Once inside, they realize they have no idea who the Queen is so they make their way through a small library to do some research.

The Queen is Lilith II. She was named after her Grandmother, Lilith the Beautiful. They cannot find out anything more useful and press on anyway.

Eventually they make it an older women’s chamber, and assuming the armed guard outside her room means she’s the queen, gives her the letter. She tells them to return in the morning.

The older women they thought to be the Queen is actually an advisor, her name is Sariah. The queen is very young Drow, barely older than a teen.

Queen Lilith explains that she has been trying to handle the situation in Daemon by feigning ignorance while using spies to figure out what is happening. The meeting is interrupted by a women who bursts into the room looking beaten, warn down, and wearing a shoddy makeshift eye patch. The Drow explains that her and her group made it out of Daemon, but were taken prisoner by the Kings Steal Army outside of Wellston. Riddin appears to be preparing for a war.

The Men of Steel didn’t believe the Drow that their Kingdom is already under attack from some rebels and kept them prisoner instead. She managed to escape and make it back here, but the rest of her group didn’t survive imprisonment. She tells the Queen that they must prepare for a battle or face losing thousands of innocent lives.

The Drow’s name is Arwyn Draveneth. She accompanies on a mission to send word to the general about the truth of the situation. Arwyn shows you the safest route out of the kingdom.

They get to the King’s Steel Army encampment and are immediately taken prisoner. Morcic tells the guard they are on a mission and must speak with the Commander about the Spider Quest.



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