Third Life

The Woods Of Daemon

Days were spent crashing through the woods, hot on the heels of some unknown group. It hadn’t been determined whether they were friend or foe, that is until they found their camp. Men lay bloodied and rotting around a small camp. Apparently the adventurers weren’t the only ones following the group.

They discover that these poor souls were in fact allies. Upon removing one of their gloves they see the mark of the Men of Steel. It appears that Willis’ men will never get to the answers they were seeking.

Moving on from the grim sight you continued to delve further into the wood; now catching on the trail of another group. It is another two days before they catch up to the assassins. Drow. Six of them.

They have set up camp for the night by the river. From the bluff above you could see the main road on the other side. This is the closest you have been to it in weeks. They decide surprise is their best bet.

Taking out two of the lookouts first they had evened the odds, but the third lookout was alerted. A battle ensues that appears to be in Morcic and Mica’s favor; that is until three more appear from within tents. Morcic is overcome, but Yale and Mica fiercely protect him. They take out the rest and spare the last for questioning.

When Morcic recovers they begin to look for answers. The Drown is near useless. They kill her. Luckily, the camp holds more clues. They find that the Drow are working for someone with the initials M.N.

There is a small stone described in the note that is determined to be the same found on one of the Drow. Somehow it allows the Men of Steal to be located by scrying for the ceremonial mark of loyalty all Men of Steel have branded into their hands. Mica pockets it for safe keeping.

The Drow also have orders to patrol the border roads and to kill anyone going in or out of Daemon. The group that they have killed seems to have been a marauding troupe out to get any of the King’s Steal Army trying to sneak into the kingdom. There are three more designated on a small map of Daemon.

With this information Morcic and Mica choose to push onward to Remaro City. They must have more answers before returning to General Willis.



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