Third Life

Adventure Begins

Just as all other good adventures begin, you were in a pub. It was nothing special, pretty much like every other pub in an inn that you find in any old town on the outskirts of the kingdom. Lights flickered as a gust of wind sweet through the room when a tall cloaked figure entered the building, a great grey goat trailing behind. No one seemed to take notice of the creature aside from the plump barmaid who stooped down to scratch his scruffy face. The tall figure procured a drink and sat in an old beaten up corner booth.

When the women ended her attention of the goat, it plod over towards its master. A lone elven women for the first time took notice of the goat as it curled up beneath the feet of the man in the booth directly behind her. She took a sip of her steaming drink and gazed out the window silently watching the world outside.

People bustled about in the street eager to begin work after the long winter. Still, the children cling to the last bits of winter bliss as they hurled dirty slushy snowballs at one another. There was a sharp cry in the distance, one of them must have been hit.

Across the street the small market-though you might just call it a few farmers pedaling wares out of the back of their carts-the market was gathering a decent crowd and the noise of the town seemed to get louder. It was the first time that year anyone had gathered in the square to do business. There was young girl eagerly filling a basket full of the first of the years apples. They were small and perhaps not quite ripe, but she was ecstatic none the less. Others around her seemed to be taking notice of something down the street. She was too caught up in polishing the tiny fruit to care. There was the sharp cry again, perhaps it was a baby and not a jubilant child.


There was a loud smash as glass flew into both of your eyes. Before there was time to react the pub had burst into a fierce fire. A patron flailed wildly on fire as the everyone looked on in horror not knowing what to do.

After the moment of stun passed, everyone began to rush about. The barman put to patron out, the maid attempting to douse the fire, and Mica pulled others from the building.

“Is there anyone upstairs?” Morcic asked. The barman gravely regarded him before leaving to save his own life. Morcic took a moment and did the same.

As he threw open the door the young women with the basket was running for the door when an arrow burst out through her chest. She fell to the ground and the basket hurled down with her; the precious, delicately polished apples scattered about, a few rolled lazily up to your feet. There was chaos in the street.

Mica sprang out across the street and up onto the roofs to take out invading archers and Morcic steps into the street to take shots at enemy’s on the ground.

A fierce battle ensues and upon killing a Drow warlock the rest of the Drow invaders flee. Thanks to your action many lives were spared, but over half of the small town was lost to fire.

A heavy calm settles over the town. A general congratulated you on your efforts. He is General Micheal Willis of The King’s Steel Army. He and a small band of the Men of Steel have been on a mission to asses weakness in border towns while trying to gather any information they can on the Drow invaders.

At first it was thought to be a small group of bandits, but the rising number of attacks have lead them to believe that the Drown Nation of Daemon is pushing for war.

None of the other Kingdoms have officially declared war as it was thought to be bandits. But after the last 4 months of these raids the Kingdom of Patton has recently begun deploying military to the borders.

General Willis asks you if you are willing to go on a quest for your Kingdom. He needed you to infiltrate Daemon and get answers. Report back to general Willis who will be with the rest of the military west of Wellston. He told you to ask the local commanding officer to speak with Hammond about the spider project.

You sensed that there was more and upon pressing him you learn he has been recruiting other groups for his quest. He cannot risk any more of his men. He has so little left in his small group. Additionally, no one has actually come in or out of Daemon since the attacks have begun. Chances were that the roads were guarded. He has no idea why he wouldn’t have heard from his troops. They did not take the main road.

On the way past the farm where Morcic has been living, they noticed the sheep were scattered everywhere. Morcic spots John Cavel slumped over on on the side of the road.

In his dieing breaths he tells Morcic it was the group of fleeing invaders. As he was rounding up a lost goat at the road they shot him.

He left the farm to Morcic. His boy wouldn’t want it. “Let my neighbor take to sheep. But the house is yours.”

He dies.

After taking care of business they set out on their quest into Daemon.



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