Third Life

Ramero City

They set out for Romero, no longer bothering with secrecy, and taking the open road. Despite having seen the effects of springs awakening before they left, Daemon seems to be in a perpetual state of gloom. A storm appears to be brewing, but no rain ever falls. Just harsh winds and cold nights.

As the grey skies darken and night draws near, they find themselves at the edges of Romero city. A great wall fashioned out of dark black trees with pointed tops surrounds the heart of the city. It appears to be the remnant of an old fort. The architecture if very Elven, though with the color schemes of deep near black woods accented with stark white birch trees whose wood accents their structures and populate the foliage within the walls. It is the direct reflection of the people of Romero City. They only see a few other races scattered about the streets. Mostly a mix of elves and humans.

Despite the dark architecture and deep purple banners with Daemon’s crest around the city, it keeps a very open feel. There is no dark foreboding, cave like sense that someone might assume they would find in a city of the creatures of the Underdark.

Mika sees a lot of influence familiar to her from her time spent in the home tribes of the Eastern Wood Elves. Many of the houses are built around the trees that still stand a hundred feet tall. For an unexplainable reason, Morcic feels oddly at ease. Both reminded of home in their own separate way.

Once there, they begin to investigate. People from out of the Kingdom have gone silent. There are rumors of turmoil in the neighboring kingdom. Perhaps it is similar to a few hundred years ago when Ridden closed off it’s borders?

Trade has stopped from out of Kingdom. Again, it is attributed to a potential civil war in Ridden.

When pressed about it further people shut them out. No one seems to know or want to talk about any of it. A few tell them to shut up. To drop it.

In a club they are confronted by a Drow, Natira; a Royal spy for the Queen of Daemon. She tells them of a rebel uprising. They have plants everywhere feeding misinformation. Their motives are unclear.

She tells Mika and Morcic, for their own safety, they need to leave town.

The next morning they decide they have enough information to return to Riddin. As they open the door to leave their inn, someone smashes into they. A tall Drow male with blood spattered across his face helps the women up who had run into they. It’s Natira. She gestures and the man ushers they into a nearby ally. Natira quickly follows. One hand clutches the front of the front of her silky white blouse, now dark with blood. The other pulls out an envelope and holds it out to Mika.

“Quickly, take this.” Her voice is dangerously quiet.

The man glances down the street, eyes wide. “We were ambushed. We were the only ones to make it…” He turns back to them with fervor. “But that doesn’t matter. Get this to Nosara now.”

His focus shifts to Natira as he helps her to a wall and begins to wrap his waistcoat around her wound. Gravely he tells they, “Everyone is dead. If any here in Ramero have made it out like us, their identities are compromised.”

Natira speaks up. “You are anonymous. Please, both our kingdoms depend on this. You MUST go. LEAVE. Now…”

Morcic and Mika rush out of the ally as tall hooded figure spots you. When you round the corner you hear Natira’s dying cry.



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