Third Life


The adventurers find themselves handcuffed in a makeshift cell in an old farm shed.

Arwyn seems distant and Mika is agitated and trying to get out of her bonds while Moric patiently waited.

A few hours later they were taken under armed guard to see The Commander. They were lead to a large tent where they were met by a man in a traditional military uniform. He was clearly Commander Arkon.

Arwyn has a letter from the Queen that she uses as a reason for them to be released from their bonds.

As Arkon reads it another man entered the tent causing Arwyn to immediately tense and cast her gaze to the ground. “You” the man said. “Guards. Detain her immediately.”

Everyone drew weapons including Arwyn and Mika. The Commander orders everyone to stand down, but Awryn still has a white knuckled grip on her weapon.

Captian Donnavan, the man who ordered for Arwyn’s arrest, explains that she is an escaped prisoner.

Commander Arkon and Morcic explain the situation to Donnavan who is skeptical. "A far as I’m concerned, this enemy of the state has conned all of you. She mustn’t be allowed free reign, she is an escaped prisoner.”

The commander inhales deeply as he collects his thoughts before regarding Arwyn, “Even if I were inclined to believe you, the captain is right, you cannot be allowed access to any information. Until we can know for sure that what this letter claims is true, you must be taken to a secure holding cell.”

Arwyn’s gaze shot up from the floor in a panic to catch the captain smirking with delight. “Men” he said as he began to advanced upon her. She immediately drew her weapon and retreated to the wall of the tent. “Do not touch me.” she said, voice dripping with hate. The room again was a standoff.

“Now, now. Settle Down. For someone who claims innocence you are quick to threaten my men’s lives," said the Captain as he to a step forward.

He and the other men advanced upon her and within a blink of an eye she dodged his grasp and had her sword at his throat and a dagger on his eye.

“Perhaps I should return the favor you gave me…” Arwyn said quietly in his ear as she slowly drug the knife down his face, leaving a thin red line.

Commander Arkon spoke up and regained control of the situation, “Listen. I give you my word that no ill will befall you if this is true. I will have my personal guards take you to my quarters. No cell.”

Arwyn contemplated this for a moment before adding, “And no one is to lay a hand on me.”


As she is escorted from the room she trembles.

Captain Donovan stands, obviously embraced and angry.

After more talk it is agreed that the adventurers will return to Nosara and inform the Queen that they would like to form an alliance. He will send a band of his most trusted men to deliver the message. They were to be off in the morning.

As Morcic goes to settle in for the night, he felt the world slipping and falling into darkness. Mika and Arwyn rush to his aid. No ammount of coaxing seems to rouse him.

Just as Mika was about to run for help, without reason, Morcic woke. He insisted he was fine, but something was obviously on his mind.

The next morning, Morcic parted ways with his old companion Mika and the others. Alone, he set out for the Dwarven Kingdom of Mordehn is search of his path.



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